Sunday, February 7, 2010

Freshly Re-made

'If the artist said, " I have designed something in the standard of Picasso", and this something based on his style with an additional twist, then I would feel more comfortable accepting for what it is, a design.'
                                                                    - Craig Elimeliah, producer, Firstborn Multimedia.

The new era has thus, arrived. Where Design has held it's ground , Art has gone 'contemporary', and even merged.                                     
I feel the word contemporary is just a name in itself where it doesn't mean anything really. Where we stand at this present moment and whatever occurs around us is contemporary. Likewise, it was contemporary in the 1960's when Pop Art became a revelation. Hence, the word 'modern' has a more significant feel to the artworks created today.
The Art of  'now' uses the Art of 'then' to produce new pieces of art, or should I say, a new design. Should it have any resemblance to conceptual artist, Douglas Hueblers' quote, " The world is teeming with luxury goods, most of them unnecessary. Why add more? "
True, there are still some 'artists' who 'go-with-ze-flow', but the majority rely on inspiration or influence or pure copy, and make their masterpieces. The work has been incorporated from an already existing picture - so where does originality come into play here? This sort of pathway is similar to that of Design.

Art has now become Design who still comes from Art.
Though I still hold by what I have stated about Art and Design in my previous post...

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